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Shared and Hosting Servers

Shared servers and dedicated hosting are two types of web hosting. Shared servers involve multiple websites sharing resources on a single server, while dedicated hosting provides a dedicated server for specific websites, high-traffic applications, or specific security needs.

We offer shared and dedicating hosting servers services with customization, scalability to enhanced performance.

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    Shared and Dedicated Servers

    SMS for you  offers an easy-to-use website management system with resource sharing capabilities, starter packages for entry-level users, scalable plans for moderate traffic, and dedicated server services for high performance.

    Customization and flexibility with greater security and scalable expansion options for businesses anticipating rapid development and increased resource requirements are all available.

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      Exclusive Resources
      A dedicated physical server for a single client offers maximum control and performance, with all resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage, exclusively allocated to the client.
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      Redundant Infrastructure
      Multiple users share the same server, which not only helps to spread costs but also means sharing resources such as CPU, memory, and bandwidth.
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      User Friendly
      Control panels that are simple and easy to use allow for easy website and account management.
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      Enterprise-level solutions
      It is designed for enterprises, e-commerce platforms, and applications that require high performance and security.

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    Internal Attacks

    A high value target to hackers but sometimes the hackers are already inside your network. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, 60% of all cybersecurity breaches originate from within the organization itself.

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    Insidious programs, known as “spyware,” can be installed innocuously on your networks. Hackers can use this information to steal money or sell your information to third parties, affecting the reputation of your business.



    The annual cost of ransomware attacks in the United States is estimated to be $3.5 billion in 2019 alone. This unique cyber-attack accesses and locks your company data, demanding a ransom for the return of it.