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DC and DR Services

DC DR stands for Data Center Disaster Recovery, and DC DR services relate to the strategies, plans, and solutions put in place to ensure the continuation of business operations in the case of a disaster or disruptive incident. The major purpose of DC DR services is to minimize downtime, protect data integrity, and support the rapid recovery of key IT systems following a disaster.

We offer Data Center Disaster Recovery (DC DR) services to help you successfully market your offers to prospective customers.

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    DC DR Services

    SMS for you provides data center and disaster recovery services solutions for ensuring business continuity in the case of a disaster or disruptive incident.

    We help to reduce downtime, maintain data integrity, and speed up the recovery of important IT systems.

    Backup and data replication, redundant infrastructure, disaster recovery planning, high availability solutions, data center security, risk assessment and mitigation, and cloud-based solutions are among the services provided.

    These safeguards serve to maintain data integrity, reduce downtime, and improve overall resilience.

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      Exclusive Resources
      Backing up vital data on a regular basis and replicating it to a secondary location maintains its availability and uptime for recovery purposes.
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      Resource Sharing
      The technique include establishing redundant hardware and infrastructure to reduce hardware failures, as well as leveraging geographically distributed data centers for further redundancy.
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      Data Center Security
      The process involves implementing physical and digital security measures to safeguard data centers from unauthorized access and potential threats, as well as cybersecurity measures.
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      RTO and RPO
      RTO and RPO targets to establish the tolerable amount of downtime and data loss during a disaster, and implementing solutions to achieve or surpass these objectives, is the process.

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    Internal Attacks

    A high value target to hackers but sometimes the hackers are already inside your network. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, 60% of all cybersecurity breaches originate from within the organization itself.

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    Insidious programs, known as “spyware,” can be installed innocuously on your networks. Hackers can use this information to steal money or sell your information to third parties, affecting the reputation of your business.



    The annual cost of ransomware attacks in the United States is estimated to be $3.5 billion in 2019 alone. This unique cyber-attack accesses and locks your company data, demanding a ransom for the return of it.