DLT Implementation and Registration

Dear Valued Customer,

This is to remind you that TRAI has instructed for DLT Implementation for SMS traffic and Operators might migrate to DLT anytime. Customer needs to complete Entity and Header (Sender ID) registration as Phase 1 of traffic migration to DLT.
As soon as the Operators Migrate to DLT, traffic of only such registered entities using headers would be allowed by Telecom operators.

To refer to the TCCCPR 18 Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation 2018, please click here to download.

We request you to register your Principal Entity and your Headers (Sender IDs) on all the DLT portals of operators as soon as possible.

After DLT Implementation, traffic of only such registered entities using headers would be allowed via operators.

If you are already registered on the any of the operators, it’s important to register your headers (Sender-id) immediately to avoid loss of traffic

Information and Instructions for Enterprise/ Entity

Step 1: You can register with any one of the DLT portals below and get a Unique Entity Id and DLT Portal Account.

S. No DLT Portal Link
1 Vodafone-Idea https://www.vilpower.in
3 BSNL https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in/
5 Jio https://trueconnect.jio.com

Step 2: After generating the Unique Entity Id and getting approval for your DLT Account, use the same to get registered on all the other operators as well. (Because in case you need to deliver the SMS from other operators, you need to have your entity registered on those operators DLT as well.

Step 3: After the DLT registration process map your entity id with our Telemarketing ID from your DLT account (In each Portal). The following are our Telemarketer Detail.

S. No DLT Portal Telemarketer Name Telemarketer id
1 Vodafone-Idea SMS FOR YOU 1102398540000012730
2 BSNL SMS FOR YOU 140200000060
3 Jio SMS FOR YOU 140200000060

Step 4: Now you need to register your Header/Sender-id in the Operator Portal. You SMS will be delivered only if your header/Sender- id is approved in the DLT Portal of the operator.

Step 5: Share the approved Entity Certificate and SMS Header ID with us on dlt@smsforyou.biz.

Step 6: In Next Phase of DLT implementation you will also, be required to get the template & Consent approved for your SMS.


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